Sun Valley: A Year-Round Destination

Forbes, April 4th, 2018 Sun Valley in Idaho offers just about everything an outdoor enthusiast might dream of doing in one location. Skiers and snowboarders relish its more than 2,000 skiable acres and 40 kilometers of cross-country tracks. But don’t discount its warm-weather outdoor activities, as droves of people come here for hiking, mountain biking, golf, […]

Junior Alpine Championships

After all the excitement from Monday’s women’s giant sla-lom finale of the 2018 Toyota U.S. Alpine Championships on Baldy, Sun Valley will make a quick turnaround two days later and stage another major U.S. Ski and Snowboard (USSA) event. Roughly 70-80 men and 50-60 women from across the U.S. are expected for the USSA U.S. […]
Luxury log home over looking the water with mountain views in Sun Valey Idaho

M.L. Hefti

After over fifteen years as “residents” we recently sold our townhome at 297 Wood River Drive in West Ketchum, ID and personally chose Cheryl Concannon of Windermere Real Estate to be our agent. We originally met Cheryl when she volunteered to be the representative for West Ketchum owners on an issue of importance before the Ketchum City Council. She impressed me with her knowledge of the immediate area, and in particular, the issues of importance to homeowners who often were only part time residents, as we were. I learned she cared for each of us as much as full time Ketchum residents and kept us updated on current situations. Her help and guidance was invaluable. Consequently, when we decided to sell our townhome, we immediately contacted someone we could trust and had confidence in – and it was Cheryl Concannon!

Cheryl immediately demonstrated that we made the right decision. During our first meeting, she came fully prepared to explain how she would proceed with the marketing plan to sell our home and what was needed on our part to prepare the home for sale. After officially signing the contract with Windermere, we learned more about her personal skills as she “suggested” how to make the home more marketable by removing numerous items in each room to “open it up” and make it seem larger. She provided pictures of those items we intended to keep for us and a potential buyer. After we did as she suggested, and left for our permanent home in the DC area, she removed even more items, particularly in the kitchen and living area – and her decisions were right on! She selected a professional photographer to take pictures of both the interior and exterior, and then created a slide show highlighting the key features of the property.

Cheryl signed on a highly respected house inspector, and then absolutely insisted that each discrepancy he highlighted be completed as soon as possible. While I was able to complete some of the items, she hired trusted contractors to accomplish the others so they were completed by the final sale date. All selling costs were highlighted in the final paperwork which is very helpful for tax filings.

Cheryl initially suggested a reasonable selling price. She constantly kept us updated on when she was holding an open house, how many people attended, whether anyone showed an interest and if there was any possibility of a sale. After a certain period of time she suggested adjusting the selling price, which immediately led to an offer, and after negotiations, an agreement of a final price.

Our experience with Cheryl Concannon and Windermere Real Estate was exceptional. As long-time owners and now sellers, our experience was worry free with a minimum of items to be accomplished because of the professionalism of Cheryl and the Ketchum Windermere Real Estate office! We highly recommend both to any real estate buyer or seller!

M. L. “Buzz” & Carol Hefti